16 Bit – Album

16 Bit – Album

‘Dark and unnervingly addictive’. – KKKK Kerrang!

‘a league of their own. Nice’. – 8/10 Rock Sound

They were amazing. So fuckin noisey. And they didnt even have a drummer. – The Collective Zine.

it took my ears two days to recover from their atomizing songs about fucking. – Freedom from excessive noise ZINE

At times Ann Arbor appear almost determined to blow the venue up such is the power of what they do. – Atomic Duster.com

sounds like their playing heavy duty crane cable rather than guitar strings – UKBase Zine

It comes and goes in a flash leaving you wanting more of this noble sound. If they are named in honor of the Stooges hometown then well done. – Bleed Music
released January 3, 2003


Field Records